Course Objective

Advance Java is intended for developing Enterprise applications. This course is also referred as Java Enterprise Edition training course. Students will design Client end and Server end of application by understanding life-cycles of Servlet & JSP.Projects based on Advanced Frameworks like EJB, Hibernate & struts are also covered in course.

Our Course

Our course start with basic understanding of Core Java, Developing basic Web Application and creating advance projects with the help of frameworks.

Live Project Work

We consider projects as most important part of training. We will cover Topics in Class will proceed by developing multiple projects and implementing technology in the project. Then students will create their individual projects. Project deployment on internet is also covered.

What Next

Students can design Mobile Applications in JAVA using Java Mobile Edition but as of now Android Application Development in Java is much popular.

What is JavaEE

JavaEE is collection of API and runtimes that are required for building Enterprise Applications. Java EE is the extension of Java Standard Edition Platform. Through J2EE we can create Enterprise Software, Network services and Web Services.

Features of JavaEE?

Java EE provides API through which we can create distributed applications, multi-tier applications apart from the basic Web Services. The components of Java EE are modular and executed on the server.


Strut development is based on Open Source project, OpenSymphony. When we want to build application easily, Strut Framework automates the common procedure and Tasks.


Students will build Spring application to know usage of Spring Framework, Spring AOP and Spring Security in their projects.


Hibernate automates ORM and considerably reduces the number of lines of code needed to persist the object in the database. When solving a business problem Hibernate will help a lot to keep programmer focus on problem instead of Coding.


150 hrs Course Daily/Weekend


All basics of
Core Java


Creating Web

Next Course

Android Apps