Android Operating System

Android training in chandigarh. The operating-system developed by google for low end to top quality smartphones. Android is becoming one of Biggest market show in smartphone industry. Android os can be used in CELL PHONES, Tablets and inserted hardware device

Why to Learn

Android is one of the upcoming field to explore. Each day a large no of android devices are activated. Presently android is available for mobile devices like Mobile Phone and Tablet PC. Within few years it may be available for other devices also. Training in this area will be very beneficial because when a technology is new, there is acute shortage of experts in industry. This is the best phase to learn Android.

Our Course

We at “NetMax Technologies Pvt.Ltd.” offer the Android Development Training course in Chandigarh that helps you to understand the advanced knowledge and skills to develop applications for Android platform. Developers can write managed code with the help of this course using Java programming language.

What to Learn

To become expert in Android Development, it is essential for you to learn Android SDK and the details of its building blocks, inter process communication, UI, threading, media, Graphics, GPS & Maps, Networking, Sensors as well as fine tuning of application on various devices. And this is what we are expert in. We provide the best Android Development Training course in Chandigarh for individuals and creative teams.

Enterprise Apps

Students build apps that are going to connect to servers and download data or update the results to web. JSON concepts will be covered with examples to build enterprise applications.

2D graphics

Basic know-how to advance skills of 2D programming are covered. 70% of mobile games are based on 2D programing concepts. We will cover topics from basic components to animating objects.

Hardware Sensors

In mobile a lot of hardware is given to programmer to build innovative apps. We will learn to use GPS, Accelerometer, Proximity Sensor and Google Maps in application.

Course Objective

Students can create Apps for Android Mobile devices and Upload to the Android store.


90 hrs Course 6 Weeks, 2hrs Daily, 6 Days / Week


Students must know about Core Java concepts before joining this course.

Career Path

After this course students can select their favorite idea and start working on professional level application.

Project Work

Two projects will be covered in the class and then individual projects will be assigned to students. As the project is desktop application and students will be asked to test application on multiple operating system so that they can be aware of portability of JAVA programming

Android Training in Chandigarh and North Region android training in chandigarh Bests Institute For Android Training Chandigarh android21







Android Training Institute:

Few years back we have to write mobile application and  android training course in Chandigarh that hardly work on 6 – 7 devices mostly and now there are more than 250 android devices from various manufacturers. With 4 million android device activation each day this platform has already become the biggest implemented mobile operating system platform. Success of applications like Angry Birds, Paper Toss, Fruit Ninja and other Apps has drawn attention of many software development companies towards mobile development and particularly Android.

We are first in region to launch Android Training in Chandigarh. In this course you will learn to create application, Implement Basic UI, 2D graphics, Databases, Sensors,3D and Multi-touch etc. You will also learn to create game loops which is one of most skill demanding  applications. Netmax provides this android training in Chandigarh, Patiala, Ludhiana, Jalandhar and Bhatinda.




  • Basics of linux.
  • Key Concepts.
  • Embedded Linux and RTOS Quik Start.

Setting Andriod Development Environment

  • Installing Software Development Kit
  • Overview of SDK tools and Sample code
  • Using the Eclipse Andriod Developer Tools.

Andriod Application Development Launch

  • Using SDK emulator.
  • Runtime Configurations,Andriod Virtual Devices(AVDs).
  • Accessing the Andriod file system.
  • Pusing and Pulling files.
  • Accessing and filtering system logs.
  • Examining device processses,virtual machines and threads.

Andriod Basic Application Design

  • Desigining the Graphical User Interface.
  • Exploring 2D Graphics.
  • Storing Local Data(Internal Memory and MMC).


  • Playing and Recording video and audio.
  • Adding sound and video to applications.
  • Using the camera

Networking and Sensors

  • Internet Connectivity
  • Locating and Sensing(eg.GPS and Accelerarometer).


  • SQL database for applications.
  • Data binding
  • SQL lite
  • Content Provider

3D Graphics

  • Introductin to Open GL
  • Building Open GL Programs

Multi Touch

  • Multitouch User Interface
  • Multi-touch events
  • Drag and Pinch events

Testing,Signing and Publishing your Application

  • Test our application
  • Signing Certificate and API Key
  • Creating and attaching an icon and Label
  • Signing the application
  • Versioning your application
  • Publishing in the Andriod Market.

Netmax is one of best place for android training in chandigarh where we can also create projects that are integrated with Java Enterprise application.

Bests Institute For Android Training Chandigarh
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Our android course is one of the most advanced course in the region. Our course contents covers basics as well as advance concepts to create applications. Android has steep learning curve, so we have start this training very systematically. Android tools are making this easier too. It is best to use android studio for programming of android, instead of eclipse because google support only Studio now a days Android studio provides an emulator to debug the applications. We can also use android mobile and tablet devices to test and debug the applications. Physical devices are more preferred as we have all the sensors available on the device. Our lab has latest android hardware for our students. Our course focus on building basic skills of USer interface design, programming widgets and developing small applications In next section we will interface various hardware components like GPS, accelerometer and other Sensors. We will also cover various libraries to access contacts, SMS, WebKit browsing features After this the course will move to the sdk components in which we are able to use advance Ui framework though which we can add Fragments, Navigation bar, Tabs and Recycler views. We will also provides special lectures to create games and understand game loop logic. You will get to know about creating canvas and drawing objects. You will also learn about game physics and object collision detection techniques.