AnyBody Can Design – ABCD

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AnyBody Can Design – ABCD !!!!

First of all things we have to know

What Is Design ?

AnyBody Can Design - ABCD AnyBody Can Design - ABCD AnyBody Can Design – ABCD Anybody can design abcd1


Design is a way of expressing the need , innovation, requirement of everybody in today’s everyday life. Design is the implementation of a ideas or philosophy for the construction of an object or a system or a Product (as in Architectural structure,Mechanical Products, Electrical Equipment.Design has different annotations in different fields of Engineering and AnyBody Can Design – ABCD with a little help of the software and their imagination.

YES,, if we all can think, we all can imagine so we can design too. DESIGN is just a practical implementation of our thoughts, fantasy in a graphical form. Design is the term related to the engineering field. When several things are arranged in a definite or indefinite order then a design is formed. For an engineer specially mechanical and civil, designing is very essential. If we are constructing a building, model of a car, mechanical parts etc then we need to be familiar with the term DESIGN because before the practical presentation of all these things, these must be designed first. Today whatever we are, using from a ball point of a pen to the tallest tower of the world Al Rostand Maze Tower is designed so there is a need of creativity which will provoke such a situation where AnyBody Can Design – ABCD . The most common and commercial software used for designing is Auto CAD( Autodesk Computer Aided Designing OR Drafting). So, we can well imagine that how useful , practical , innovative and interesting it is. In Chandigarh, there is only one institute named CADDPRIMER , SCO-198-200,3rd floor,sector-34A, Chandigarh where product design in mechanical are taught with most simplicity and Precision. So in the 21 st century where life is running like a pace of light be innovative, advance, curious and especially be a keen learner.And of course nothing in the life is tough until you fight to get it. So, AnyBody Can Design – ABCD …..


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This Article is written by

Akshit Chauhan ,

Chandigarh Engineering College, Landran.

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