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Netmax Technologies pvt ltd is providing  ARM Training in Chandigarh  with nxp lpc arm series and mbed arm with arm training arm training in chandigarh ARM training arm microcontroller training 300x226embedded C and python programming . Netmax is training different Microcontrollers in chandigarh and punjab . learn 32bit embedded systems with embedded C . Arm is most popular microcontroller  used in different embedded systems used in everyday life . like mobile phone ,smart phone ,pda

Course Contents for ARM Training :

  • Introduction to embedded systems and arm microcontroller Why ARM?
  • Different series of ARM microcontroller
  • Architectural features of  ARM Microcontroller ( NXP LPC 2148 , lpc1768 and mbed arm )
  • Programming in Embedded C and Different Types of Embedded C compilers for ARM.
  • Hardware interfacing Of Following External and On chip device with LPC2148 and Programming in Embedded C language:
  • LED interfacing and programming (using GPIO as OUTPUT)
  • Switches interfacing and programming(using GPIO as INPUT)
  • RELAY interfacing and programming(to control Switching of AC devices e.g. Bulb, Fan etc. )
  • Stepper Motor interfacing and programming(Speed and direction control)
  • DC motor interfacing and programming(Speed and direction control)
  • RF Module  interfacing and programming for wireless switching and data transmission
  • On chip hardware and software interrupt  interfacing and programming
  • On chip Timer/ Counter  interfacing and programming
  • On chip PWM module  interfacing and programming
  • LCD Display interfacing, programming & Graphics generations.
  • Seven segment Display  interfacing and programming
  • PS2 Keyboard interfacing and programmingARM Training arm training in chandigarh ARM training arm12
  • Serial Communication b/w PC and LPC2148 using on chip UART.
  • On chip Multichannel ADC programming and Practical implementation.
  • USB interface b/w LPC2148 and PC.
  • On chip Real Time Clock programming and practical implementation.

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