Bouncer for Android

Malware in Android Market

Android is Open source platform which provide flexibility to developers to upload any application without any screening process. This kind of move was started to increase the number of applications in the market. But recently there are many applications whose malware behavior has bugged the platform and its users.

New Bouncer service

According to official post on google, now android adds a Bouncer service for android market.This service analyze the behavior of apps and its activities. The application is classified in a category and application is executed on simulators. The bouncer will analyze that the application activities are within the category restriction or not. If any malware kind of activities are performed by application then application is flagged in android market. They will also keep an eye on application developer account and their activities. If repeated offenses are performed by developer then developer account can be banned.

40%  decrease in malwares

As of now the malware activities are reduced by 40% due to bouncer service as per google sources. This step will definitely improves the security of android platform which will be one of the biggest in mobile platforms.

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