Cansat Support Course In India

The CanSat Leader Training Program ( CLTP ) is a training program which was established for individuals to experience the whole sequence of CanSat development from the design to release of model rockets . Through the program, you will start the space technology and also teaching methods used in space engineering .CanSat Leader Training Program ( CLTP ) is a training course to experience whole cycle of CanSat development from design to release by model rocket. Text books in each language is going to be published as one result .Cansat Support Course In India.cansat course in india,Cansat Support Course In India Cansat Support Course In India Cansat Support Course In India cansat course in india 300x113

This course is aimed toward those that would like to learn/experience the following :

  •  Skills in space engineering education
  •  Effective hands-on training
  •  Entire approach to CanSat building in a month

We intend to spread CanSat-based space education to the world . Individuals are likely to encourage CanSat education program in their countries . This program is conducted as part of sub-theme 7 of main-theme “New Paradigm of Space Development and Utilization Started out by Micro/Nano-satellites with Fairly Reliable Systems ‘Hodoyoshi’ Concept” , chosen as the Funding Program for World-Leading Innovative R&D on Science and Technology ( called FIRST Program ) directed by Cabinet Office , Government of India .

What is CanSat?

“CanSat” is a soda can size satellite . CanSat can provide an economical solution to get students with the fundamental knowledge and experience a lot of challenges in developing a satellite . Students model and develop a tiny electronics and communication system that may fit inside a soda can . CanSat is released and ejected from a rocket or a balloon . By a parachute , CanSat gradually descends returning to the earth while carrying out its objective and also transmitting telemetry to the ground station . Post release and recovery data acquisition enable the students to evaluate the cause of success and/or failure .

About The Author

CanSat could be perceived as “a very small and simple satellite ,” as it possess very similar features with satellites and works in the far distance from the human operators . This basic fact tends to make the CanSat-based education effective first step training in the direction of true satellite development. System analysis and design , employing fault tolerance , assembly/integration/test , and also project management , that are the significant skills in real satellite development , may also be learned in CanSat. Additionally , CanSat project provides students so much fun , which further more improves the educational consequences . Therefore , make sure you attempt CanSat – that is the path to true satellite development!

Advantages of CanSat-Based Space Education

  • CanSat is an efficient tool for education in terms of the following:
  •  Relatively inexpensive
  •  Students is going to experience entire method : To design , manufacture , test , launch and analyze
  •  Simple and inexpensive experiment with balloon/rocket
  •  Teaching methods could be adjusted to fit students’ level (Requirements and skills of high
  • school students and graduate students are very different )
  •  Students may examine factors of failure and also success as CanSat return to the ground

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