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AVR Microcontroller Training in Chandigarh

avr microcontroller training in chandigarh avr microcontroller training in chandigarh AVR Microcontroller Training in Chandigarh netmax technologies pvt ltd

Netmax Technologies is providing Best of the class AVR microcontroller training in Chandigarh since 2005. Netmax has developed Various Development modules For AVR as well other microcontroller Platforms like PIC, ARM, Arduino, Raspberry PI etc For Microcontroller project Development and Implementation. Netmax Has also Developed Various ISP Burning Systems that are Being used for microcontroller code

Cansat Support Course In India

The CanSat Leader Training Program ( CLTP ) is a training program which was established for individuals to experience the whole sequence of CanSat development from the design to release of model rockets . Through the program, you will start the space technology and also teaching methods used in space engineering .CanSat Leader Training Program ( CLTP )

ARM training

Netmax Technologies pvt ltd is providing  ARM Training in Chandigarh  with nxp lpc arm series and mbed arm with embedded C and python programming . Netmax is training different Microcontrollers in chandigarh and punjab . learn 32bit embedded systems with embedded C . Arm is most popular microcontroller  used in different embedded systems used in everyday life .