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Microcontroller Training Chandigarh

mc Microcontroller Training  Chandigarh Microcontroller Training  Chandigarh mc

Microcontroller Training : Now days majority of Domestic and commercial appliances comes under embedded system to make these appliances compact ,feature full , low cost, and low power consumption. In such kinds of appliances the main part of products is the Microcontroller which executes the task according to the program loaded inside its memory. So

Why to use pic Microcontroller for the projects ???????

PIC Microcontrollers are quickly replacing computers when it comes to programming robotic devices. These microcontrollers are small and can be programmed to carry out a number of tasks and are ideal for school and industrial projects. A simple program is written using a computer, it is then downloaded to a microcontroller which in turn can

ubuntu how to use serial port in wine emulation

Serial and Parallel Ports Serial and parallel port configuration is very similar to drive configuration – simply create a symbolic link in ~/.wine/dosdevices with the name of the device. Windows serial ports follow a naming convention of the word “com” followed by a number, such as com1, com2, etc. Similarly, parallel ports use “lpt” followed