CCNA Security

CCNA security training in chandigarh

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CCNA Security

Implementing Cisco IOS Network Security

CCNA Security Certification provides a candidate skills to build a Secure Cisco Network.

The Certified Engineer can Implement Cisco router & Switch firewalls.The Course modules also includes Cisco VPN technologies using IPSEC Protocol framework.The Course module

includes AAA services using Cisco CSACS.Advanced Firells like Zone based Firewalls

are included also.This module provides basic foundation to next module CCNP Security.


CCNA Security Prerequisite

The Candidate must be CCNA Certified.

How To Prepare

Netmax Technologies Pvt Ltd provides best CCNA Security training chandigrah.They have best CCNA Security LAB That Contains all advanced router like 2800,2600xm,3600,3700 series.The students get live practical traing on Cisco Catalyst L2/L3 switches like 355,3560,3750,2950.

Netmax provides Cisco Firewalls like PIX 515E and Cisco ASA 5510.

Netmax have the Best faculty for CCNA Security in chandigarh.The faculties are CCNP Security Certified & CCIE Certified.

Recommended Books

CCNA Security Authorized Self-Study Guide

CCNA Security Official Exam Certification Guide


Netmax Lab Equipment

Cisco router: 2800,1800,3600,2700,2600xm

Cisco Catalyst Switch: 2950,2960,3550,3560,3750

Cisco Firewalls: PIX 515E,ASA 5510



Detail Syllabus


Describe the security threats facing modern network infrastructures

Describe & list mitigation methods for common network attacks

Describe & list mitigation methods for Worm, Virus, & Trojan Horse attacks

Describe the Cisco Self Defending Network Architecture


Secure Cisco Routers

Secure Cisco routers using the SDM Security Audit feature

Use the One-Step Lockdown feature in SDM to secure a Cisco router


Secure administrative access to Cisco Routers by configuring multiple privilege levels

Secure administrative access to Cisco Routers through CLI

Secure Cisco IOS image & configuration file


Implement AAA on Cisco Routers using local Router database & external ACS

Explain functions & importance of AAA

Configure AAA authentication

Describe features of TACACS+ & RADIUS AAA protocols

Configure AAA authorization & accounting


Implement the Cisco IOS firewall feature set using SDM

Describe operational strengths & weaknesses of the different firewall technologies

Explain stateful firewall operations & function of the state table

Implement Zone Based Firewall using SDM


Implement site-to-site VPNs on Cisco Routers using SDM

Explain different methods used in cryptography

Describe building blocks of IPSec & security functions

Configure & verify an IPSec site-to-site VPN using SDM

Explain IKE protocol functionality & phases


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