JAVA Essentials

Learn how to Program JAVA with expert Instructors and make a way to jump in world of Android and Web Applications.

Why to Learn Java

Core java is the first course to enter in world of Java Programming. This course will include CLI based programming to understand OOPS concepts and IDE based programming for good looking GUI applications. Core java course covers pre-requisites which are required for creating web applications.After the course students are able to Design Desktop Applications in Java

Project Work

Two projects will be covered in the class and then individual projects will be assigned to students. As the project is desktop application and students will be asked to test application on multiple operating system so that they can be aware of portability of JAVA programming

Desktop Apps ??
Desktop applications are the software which are used on Computers for various purposes. When we will create application in JAVA in contrast to DotNet Platform, The application will work on Windows, Linux as well as macOS. So one desktop application is sufficient for all operating systems and any processor.
Course Features

Skill Level

  • 20%


70 hrs Course


NO pre-requisites

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