Diploma training Chandigarh

NetMax Technologies provides professional Training program courses for B .tech/Diploma students for their 6 weeks Industrial Training programs in Chandigarh .Netmax is providing Diploma training Chandigarh in various fields like Embedded Systems ,robotics , Plc automation and CAD

Nowadays these kinds of specially designed Industrialized Training programs are becoming most important as these Professional Training programs time periods gives an appropriate platform as well as time to the  students in which they are able to improve their technical abilities as in today’s very competitive world mainly these types of specializations obtained during these six weeks and six months Industrial training programs are going to make a student stand apart and also become a market ready professional.


Industrial Training is most   important in future of Students in Engineering Stream. Netmax Technologies Pvt Ltd is Providing both six weeks as well as 6 months Industrial Training programs in chandigarh . Students from numerous Engineering Colleges and also University Undergo Industrial Training At Netmax Technologies in Chandigarh . Students who go through Industrial training in Chandigarh from Netmax technologies are from ECE ,EI ,IT ,CSE and also Electrical Engineering . During This time period Students have to decide Field & technologies that would Help them to find Suitable way for there Future and then have them wonderful job & placement .


netmax_trainnig diploma training chandigarh Diploma training Chandigarh netmax trainnig








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