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Netmax technologies is providing high class embedded systems training for btech/ diploma students of different engineering colleges in jalandhar region . Embedded System Training is vary important for career, in Electronics Engineering ,Electrical Engineering and Instrumentation Engineering.

Netmax  Technologies provide  Industrial Training in Jalandhar In Embedded System Design as well as Development ( Netmax Develop Various Advance Embedded System projects for CSIO , TBRL like Government organisations as well as for Private Electronics Firms , many Custom development based On Arm uC , Atmel Avrs ,Microchip 8/16/32 Platforms are being Developed since 2001 ) . Students From Almost  all Engineering Colleges  undergo  Both Six weeks and Six months Industrial Training in Jalandhar In Embedded system . Netmax technologies Also Give them Placement Assistance In Various Electronics Development Companies In Chandigarh , Mohali  , Panchkula , baddi  , new delhi etc .Join Embedded System Six weeks / Six months  Industrial Training in Jalandhar .


Different types of Embedded System Training in Netmax Technologies.

six weeks summer and winter training

1. PIC Microcontroller based training with embedded c language.

2. 8051 Microcontroller based training with embedded c language.

3. AVR microcontroller based training with embedded c language.

4.Arduino Training

5.PLC and Automation Training .


Example Features for Microcontroller,Embedded System Trainig:

  • More than 70% industrial application based on  PIC Micro-controller
  • Based on advanced RISC Architecture
  • Inbulit ADC, PWM modules
  • Direct PS2 keyboard interfacing with PIC Micro-controller
  • Easy to implement and understand than other Micro-controller
  • Easily Programmable.





Embedded Systems Jalandhar
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Rohit Khosla
Rohit Khosla
Director |Netmax Technologies ( Embedded Systems and Industrial Automation Division) [ IOT & Embedded Systems Expert]

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