Netmax Technologies pvt ltd is providing  ARM Training in Chandigarh  with nxp lpc arm series and mbed arm with arm trainingembedded C and python programming . Netmax is training different Microcontrollers in chandigarh and punjab . learn 32bit embedded systems with embedded C . Arm is most popular microcontroller  used in different embedded systems used in everyday life . like mobile phone ,smart phone ,pda

Course Contents for ARM Training :

  • Introduction to embedded systems and arm microcontroller Why ARM?
  • Different series of ARM microcontroller
  • Architectural features of  ARM Microcontroller ( NXP LPC 2148 , lpc1768 and mbed arm )
  • Programming in Embedded C and Different Types of Embedded C compilers for ARM.
  • Hardware interfacing Of Following External and On chip device with LPC2148 and Programming in Embedded C language:
  • LED interfacing and programming (using GPIO as OUTPUT)
  • Switches interfacing and programming(using GPIO as INPUT)
  • RELAY interfacing and programming(to control Switching of AC devices e.g. Bulb, Fan etc. )
  • Stepper Motor interfacing and programming(Speed and direction control)
  • DC motor interfacing and programming(Speed and direction control)
  • RF Module  interfacing and programming for wireless switching and data transmission
  • On chip hardware and software interrupt  interfacing and programming
  • On chip Timer/ Counter  interfacing and programming
  • On chip PWM module  interfacing and programming
  • LCD Display interfacing, programming & Graphics generations.
  • Seven segment Display  interfacing and programming
  • PS2 Keyboard interfacing and programmingARM Training
  • Serial Communication b/w PC and LPC2148 using on chip UART.
  • On chip Multichannel ADC programming and Practical implementation.
  • USB interface b/w LPC2148 and PC.
  • On chip Real Time Clock programming and practical implementation.

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ARM training
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