this is  HOW TO FIX prolific USB to serial driver for windows 8 and windows 10 error code 10 .fix prolific 2303 USB to serial drivers

Prolific 2303 USB to serial converters are not working with windows 8 and 10 USB To Serial Driver so here the right fix.

Windows 32 and 64-bit Operating Systems – Prolific PL-2303 Driver Fix (VID_067B&PID_2303)

Netmax profilic2303 USB drivers download usb to serial drivers

Now Includes Windows 8.1 and Windows 10!

u will get such kind of errors when you try to install pl2303 drivers in win 8 and win 10

“This Device cannot start (Code 10)”     “No driver installed for this device”

“Device driver was not successfully installed”

the internet is full of solution for this problem but nothing help  


Start from here for “HOW TO FIX prolific usb to serial driver for windows 8 and windows 10 error code 10″ 

usb serial driver install window 10

Figure 1. Selecting Device Manager with Windows 8 and windows 10

A yellow triangle exclamation mark next to a Comm port (figure 2 ) indicates there is an issue.

  • Unplug the Programming Hardware Kit from the PC.

Installing the Prolific Driver

  • Copy the “Win_Driver_Prolific_3.2.0.0.exe” program to the PC.
  • Run the “Win_Driver_Prolific_3.2.0.0.exe” program. Allow security warnings, if any.
  • Install the “PL-2303 Vista Driver” by following the prompts.

Update Driver Software

  • Attach the Programming Hardware Kit to the PC.
  • Mouse to the far bottom left of the Windows 8 screen and right click. Select “Device Manager”.
  • Right click on the Comm Port showing an issue.
  • Select “Update Driver Software…” (Fig. 2).

pl2303 usb to serial install in win 8 and win10

Figure 2. Selecting “Update Driver Software” for a Com Port with issues

Select “Browse my computer for driver software” (Fig. 3).

usb to serial pl2303 install

Figure 3. Selecting the driver software.

Select “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”. Click “Next” (Fig. 4).

usb to serial pl2303 install

Figure 4. Picking the device driver.

Select “Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port Version: [7/31/2007]”. Click “Next” (Fig. 5).

usb to serial pl2303 install

Figure 5. Selecting Prolific Driver

  1. The driver software will display “Windows has successfully updated your driver software” after the installation completes. Click “Close” (Fig. 6).

usb to serial pl2303 install

Figure 6. Prolific Driver installed.

  1. If different USB ports are to be used, repeat the Update Driver Software process.

this was how to install USB to serial adapter drivers in windows 8 and windows 10

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HOW TO FIX prolific usb to serial driver for windows 8 and windows 10 error code 10
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