Microcontroller Training : Now days majority of Domestic and commercial appliances comes under embedded system to make these appliances compact ,feature full , low cost, and low power consumption. In such kinds of appliances the main part of products is the Microcontroller which executes the task according to the program loaded inside its memory. So now every electronic industry required a embedded system engineer which have the knowledge of different microcontroller families . Candidate must know the hardware interfacing and programming of microcontroller.



According To requirement of industry Netmax Technologies Chandigarh Provide the professional training on some widely used Microcontroller families and cover all the major Hardware interfacingand  their Programming part.

Like : Input/Output, LCD, ADC , Sensors, Motors, serial communication, RF model implementation, PS2 Keyboard, Seven segment display, Relay and many more.

Netmax Technologies Chandigarh Provide the professional training on Following Microcontroller families with programming Language Embedded C.

  1. ARM  (Advance Risc Microcontroller)
  2. AVR family of  microcontroller
  3. PIC  family of  microcontroller
  4. MCS-51 (8051 core) family of  microcontroller


Microcontroller Training Chandigarh
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Rohit Khosla
Rohit Khosla
Director |Netmax Technologies ( Embedded Systems and Industrial Automation Division) [ IOT & Embedded Systems Expert]

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