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“A reprogrammable, multifunctional manipulator designed to move material, parts, tools, or specialized devices through various programmed motions for the performance of a variety of tasks”

A future full of helpful robots, quietly going about their business and assisting humans in thousands of small ways, is one of technology’s most long-deferred promises. Only recently have robots started to achieve the kind of sophistication and ubiquity that computing’s pioneers originally envisioned. The military has hundreds of UAVs blanketing the skies above Iraq and Afghanistan, and Roombas are vacuuming living rooms across the country.

Robots recently became a popular tool in raising interests in computing for middle and high school students. First year computer science courses at several universities were developed which involves the programming of a robot instead of the traditional software engineering based coursework.

Sensing – Touch and vision


  • Advantages of Robotics in Business
    Quality and Accuracy of Work
    Quantity of Production
  • Advantages of Robotics in Various Fields
    Industrial Robotics
    Medical and Healthcare Robotics
    Robotics in Household

Robotics is an essential component in any modern manufacturing environment. As factories increase their use of robots, the number of robotics related jobs grow and have been observed to be on a steady rise.

Course Contents:
  • Introduction to Robotics and aim of Robotics design
  • Basic section of ROBOT
  • Introduction To different types of stepper motors used in robotics ,their working and driver circuit designing.
  • Introduction To different types of DC motors used in robotics ,their working and driver circuit designing.
  • Introduction to infrared sensor ,ultrasound sensor, light sensors and their application in robotics design.
  • Selection of Microcontroller as control unit of ROBOT. Interfacing of motors,sensors with microcontroller and programming.
  • Design and development of Line Follower robot in different configuration
  • Design and development of Path Finder robot in different configuration
  • Design and development of Robotic ARM in different configuration
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