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How to install Usbasp Driver Software in Windows 8.1 . start using Avr Usbasp with windows 8/8.1 and windows 10

  • Usbasp is not working with windows 10 and windows 8 as there is driver restriction for non-digitally signed drivers to be installed in windows, only digitally signed drivers are allowed in windows 8 and windows 10.

This is how to install Usbasp Programmer and driver on windows 10 and Windows 8 and also 8.1.after this, you will be able to program all popular AVR microcontrollers and as well as Arduino and open source drones using famous AVR burner Usbasp.

When you will try to install usb asp in windows 10  and windows you will get error message like this one

usbasp error message in windows 8


Therefore we have to disable the signature checking in windows 8 and windows 10 So here are the Steps involved in disabling signature checking for drivers in windows 10 and windows 8 .


First download this driver file for usb asp and save to downloads or desktop location and extract it using zip extractor

windows 8 and windows 10 usbasp drivers libusb_1.2.4.0 x86 and x64 bit << download this driver file here



Next important step now we have to disable driver signature checking in windows 8 and windows 10, Now Hold Shift key and restart your computer by clicking on restart button . the computer will restart with some clicking on options on your screen .so  there will be  bunch of options .  when you click restart button you will see some advance options. click on  startup settings button

usb asp
















now you have to click  on option to select Troubleshoot .Click Troubleshoot button on this screen
usbasp 2













when you click troubleshoot button you will see  new screen , on this screen click on Advanced options button .















after you click advanced options button on this screen you will get new screen that will tell you that your computer will now restart after restart you well get bunch of option for you windows . Now you simply click no restart button .

usb asp 5









when your computer reboots it will show you this screen. when you see this screen after your computer restarts , you have to select 7 th option ( i.e. the real option that will disable windows driver signature detection on your computer ) so now click 7 from your keyboard buttons . after that you PC will start windows normally but now with disabled driver signature detection.

usb asp 7










usb asp 11







now ignore the windows warning option that these drivers are not verified by windows and click ok

usb asp 11

after this you will see usbasp drivers are successfully installed and working in windows 8 and as well as windows 10, whichever is your case .

usb asp 12


this post about usbasp driver windows 8 and windows 8.1 as well as a usbasp driver install in windows 10   is updated for helping the user to install usbasp , Netmax technologies pvt ltd is an Indian based company with its headquarters in Chandigarh, India. Netmax technologies has a big team of Embedded Systems Experts you can contact Netmax team for Embedded Systems Training in AVR , ARM ,PIC , Arduino and Raspberry PI Embedded Linux .

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How to install Usbasp Driver in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
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