Learn Python in Chandigarh & Mohali


Do you Want to learn python? We have the best basics course in Chandigarh, Mohali to build a strong foundation on python basics and advance concepts:

Course Highlights
Learn how to build and make your own Http server Live in python only

Automate daily task in python such as sending emails , editing CSV, sending SMS using python

Network monitoring and socket programming



1.Setting up python
2. Getting started with python
3. Python Basics
4. Python iterators
5. Python Data-Types
##====== Week 1 Project =========#
6. Python Built-in Data structure
7. Sequences in python
8. Introduction to classes and objects in python
#========== Week 2 project =========#
9. Object oriented programming in Python
10. Modules and packages in python
11. File handling in python
#=========== Week 3 project ===========#
12. Errors and exception handling in python
13 Networking in python
14. socket programming
#=========== Week 4 project ===========#
15. Making a http server with python
16. GUI programming in python using Tkinter
17. Learn how to write python scripts
18. Automating Daily stuff using *Python scripting *
19. Writing your own *module* in python


Learn Python in Chandigarh & Mohali
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