NetMax Technologies Chandigarh offers Best Embedded System 8051 Training in Chandigarh based upon present market standards which helps attendees to ensure placements in their desired jobs at MNCs . NetMax Technologies Chandigarh Provides you with Best Embedded System 8051 Training in Chandigarh .NetMax Technologies  is truly one of the best professional Embedded System 8051 Training institutes in Chandigarh providing hands on knowledge and also complete job assistance with fundamental along with advanced level Embedded System 8051 training programs . At NetMax Technologies Embedded System 8051 training in Chandigarh is carried out by area specialized corporate and business experts with 15+ years of practical experience in dealing with real-time Embedded System 8051 projects . NetMax Technologies Chandigarh employs a combination of academic training as well as practical classes to provide the individual optimum exposure that assists in the remodeling of naïve students into specialists that can be easily selected within the marketplace .8051 training 8051 Training 8051 Training 8051 Training

At NetMax Technologies is well-equipped Embedded System 8051 Training center in Chandigarh aspirants learn about the skills for Development to Embedded System ( 8051 ) , Embedded System 8051 Architecture , Graph Programming , Introduction to .dat and .dml files , Partition Components , Departition Components , Database components , Translate components , Embedded System 8051 on real time projects together with Embedded System 8051 placement training . Embedded System 8051 Training in Chandigarh is built in accordance with latest market trends and bearing in mind the advanced Embedded System 8051 program content material and syllabus depending on the professional requirements of the student helping them to get placement in Multinational companies and also attain their future targets .

NetMax Technologies  is the largest Embedded System 8051 training center in Chandigarh with hi-tech infrastructure together with lab facilities and choices of choosing numerous classes at Chandigarh Location . NetMax Technologies in Chandigarh trains a huge number of aspirants for Embedded System 8051 at affordable charges that is definitely customized considering teaching and training course content needs of each attendee .

Embedded System 8051 training program consists of “Learning by Doing” making use of state-of-the-art infrastructure for carrying out practical exercises and real-world simulations . This in depth practical experience in Embedded System 8051 training makes sure that you take up the practical knowledge and skills that is needed to utilize at the workplace after your placement in an MNC . NetMax Technologies  is one among the best Embedded System 8051 training institute in Chandigarh with 100% placement assistance . NetMax Technologies Chandigarh comes with well defined program modules and also training sessions for trainees . At NetMax Technologies Chandigarh Embedded System 8051 training is conducted in daytime classes , weekend sessions , evening batch sessions and also fast track teaching sessions.

The Intel MCS-51 is a  Harvard architecture, single chip microcontroller (µC) series which was developed by Intel in 1980 for use in embedded systems.Intel’s original versions were popular in the1980s and early 1990s, but has today largely been superseded by a vast range of faster and/or functionally enhanced 8051-compatible devices manufactured by more than 20 independent manufacturers including Atmel, Infineon Technologies (formerly Siemens AG), Maxim Integrated Products (via its Dallas Semiconductor subsidiary), NXP (formerly Philips Semiconductor), Nuvoton (formerly Winbond), ST Microelectronics, Silicon Laboratories (formerly Cygnal), Texas Instruments and Cypress Semiconductor.

Netmax Technologies  is using mcs-51 (8051) controller from atmel s family (AT89s52 ,AT89s8252 etc)And Phillips controller (NXP) P89v51 rd2  etc.Our course cover 8051 basics , embedded c programming , adc interfacing ,lcd ,dac ,stepper motor interfacing , stepper motor ,dc motor  etc.

Course Content  for Embedded System 8051 Training

  • Introduction to Embedded system (Microcontroller/Microprocessors)
  • Working with 8051 clones (AT89s8252, AT89s52etc) and their special features.
  • The MCS-51 architecture and PIN detail
  • Tools and techniques required for embedded system designing.
  • Basics of C language & Programming in embedded c language.

Software programming and Hardware interfacing of following External and on chip devices:

  • Led (using PORTS as Output)
  • Switch (Using PORTS as input)
  • Matrix keyboardnetmax-8051-controller-board1 8051 Training 8051 Training netmax 8051 controller board1
  • Relay (To control switching of AC devices e.g. Bulb, Fan, and Heater etc.)
  • Stepper Motor (Speed and Direction Control)
  • DC motor (Speed and Direction Control)
  • LCD Display System
  • Seven segment display
  • Single Chanel Analog to Digital Convertor(ADC0804)
  • Multichannel Analog to Digital Convertor (ADC809)
  • Digital to Analog converters
  • Parallel Real Time Clock (DS12887)
  • I2C based Serial RTC (DS1307)
  • I2C based Serial EEPROM
  • Serial communication b/w micro-controller and PC & b/w Two micro-controller
  • Programming and Practical implementation Hardware and Software Interrupts
  • Programming and Practical implementation On chip Timer & Counter
  • Interfacing of Different types of sensors
  • MCS-51 based Project Development
  • Design and Testing of MCS-51 family Microcontroller Evaluation Board

Why To Choose NetMax Technologies Chandigarh for Embedded System 8051 Training

8051 Training 8051 Training 8051 Training why choose us header
Embedded System 8051 training in Chandigarh is built in accordance with present IT industry .

  • Provide you with the most useful Embedded System 8051 coaching and placement in Chandiagrh with defined training modules as well as sessions .
  • Enable regular , weekend and customized Embedded System 8051 training in Chandigarh. .
  • One of the greatest team of Certified Specialist Instructors with 5 to 15 years of Real Industry Experience .
  • Experts of Embedded System 8051 training in Chandigarh assists in leading project training , minor project training , live project training , job interview preparation and job placement support .
  • Good Labs with Proper Latest Devices . 24×7 Lab Facilities .
  • Trainees are free to access the labs for limitless amount of time in accordance with their very own preferred timings .
  • Smart classrooms fully built with projectors , live racks , Wifi network , Electronic digital Pads .
  • Silent and Discussion Zone areas in Labs to enrich Self Study and Group Discussions .
  • Cost free Personality Development classes which include Spoken English , Group Discussions , Mock Interviews , Presentation skills .
  • Free of charge Training seminars for Personality Development & Individual Presentation .
  • Varity of Study Material : Books , PDF’s , Video tutorial Lectures , Sample questions , Interview Questions ( Technical and HR ) , and Projects .
  • Free of charge Study Material , PDFs , Training video Trainings , Sample Questions , Exam Preparation , Interview Questions , Lab Guides .
  • Worldwide Acknowledged Program Completion Certificate .
  • Extra Time Slots ( E .T .S . ) for Practical’s( Unlimited ) , At Absolutely No Cost .
  • The potential to retake the class at no-charge as many times as desired .
  • One-on-One attention by instructors .
  • Can help students to obtain understanding of complicated technical concepts .

NetMax Technologies Chandigarh Trainer’s Profile for Embedded System 8051 Training

NetMax Technologies Chandigarh Embedded System 8051 Trainers are :

  • Are absolutely specialist and totally updated in the subject areas they teach simply because they constantly invest some time working on real-world industry applications .
  • Have received honors and recognition from our associates and various acknowledged IT Institutions .
  • Are functioning experts being part of multinational companies such as HCL Technologies , Birlasoft , TCS , IBM , Sapient , Agilent Technologies and many more .
  • Are certified Professionals with 15+ years of experience .
  • Are Very well connected to Employing HRs in multinational companies .

Placement Assistance after Embedded System 8051 Training

NetMax Technologies Chandigarh Placement Assistance

  • NetMax Technologies Chandigarh is the market leader in offering placement to the students , as it includes an expert placement wing which serves the requirements of the students during the course of placements .
  • NetMax Technologies Chandigarh helps the students in the development of their RESUME according to current industry standards .
  • NetMax Technologies Chandigarh carries out Personality Development sessions including Spoken English , Group Discussions , Mock Interviews , Presentation skills to prepare students to deal with challenging interview situation easily .
  • NetMax Technologies Chandigarh has prepared its students to get placed in leading IT Companies like HCL , TCS , Infosys , Wipro , Accenture and many more .

NetMax Technologies Chandigarh Program duration for Embedded System 8051 Training

  • Fast Track Training Program ( 3+ hours daily )
  • Regular Classes ( Morning , Day time & Evening )
  • Weekend Training Classes ( Saturday , Sunday & Holidays )
8051 Training
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