Major/Minor Projects

Major Projects:

  • Home Automation with security.
  • PC based ECG + Body temperature monitoring system.
  • Automatic guided vehicle robot.
  • PC based control Room using serial communication Between PC and
  •  Microcontroller.(Five AC /DC device).
  • Microcontroller based digital Power supply.
  • Temperature Controlled Industrial automation with furnace temperature control with
  • fire detection and alarm system.
  • line follower robot with obstacle detection.
  • Automatic railway rood crossing system with alarm and gate control .
  • Microcontroller based air conditioner and room heating control via radio frequency link
  •  to human body temperature interface .
  • Microcontroller based color detection system with red ,green ,blue optical filter interfacing ,
  •  contrast and brightness detection .
  • Microcontroller based soil electrical property analyzer (soil resistivity measurement
  •  with three copper probes)
  • Microcontroller based Time controlled devices.
  • Microcontroller based Solar Tracking system
  • Voice controlled wheel chair.
  • Microcontroller based Weather Monitoring system
  • wireless Telemetry system .
  • DTMF based remote device control system.

Minor Projects:

  • In System Programming (ISP) of AT89s52,S53,S51,S8252 Microcontroller byusing ISP Prog.
  • Traffic Light Controll Using AT89s52 .
  • Rain sensing using AT89s52 uc with Display on LCD.
  • Fire Detection Using AT89s52 with LCD.
  • Object Counter using AT89s52 with LCD
  • Temperature measurement using AT89s52 with ADC ,LCD
  • DC and AC device Control using AT89s52 through push to on Switches with LCD display
  • Sunlight Level Measurement using AT89s52 with ADC,LCD.
  • RTC(ds1307) based digital clock using AT89s52.
  • Password based locking system using AT89s52.
  • Conveyer belt control using AT89s52.
  • Intensity control of LED based light unit
  • 8 bit Binary to Decimal converter with keypad and LCD display.