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Mechanical Industrial Training In Chandigarh

Netmax Technologies Pvt Ltd is one of the pioneer institution which provide mechanical industrial training in Chandigarh CAD/CAM/CAE in all North India situated . We offer an amazing and remarkable CAD industrial Training to the mechanical engineering graduates and provide expert guidance throughout the duration of the course at Mechanical Industrial Training In Chandigarh.Mechanical Industrial Training In Chandigarh mechanical industrial training in chandigarh Mechanical Industrial Training In Chandigarh Mechanical Industrial Training In Chandigarh2

CAD software is used to increase the productivity of the designer, improve the quality of design,Mechanical Industrial Training In Chandigarh.
improve communications through documentation, and to create a database for manufacturing
Computer-aided design is used in many fields. Because of its enormous economic importance, CAD has been a major driving force for research purposes in academic and industrial purposes.

Mechanical Industrial Training Programs offered for mechanical industrial training in chandigarh to the mechanical students In Chandigarh:

(1)Auto CAD.
(2)PRO-E/Creo Para metrics 3.0.
(4)Solid Works.



The design and analysis soft wares like Auto CAD, Catia, ProE are widely used in Mechanical industrial training in Chandigarh so students are advised to go for these soft wares in our Mechanical industrial training. By choosing these software in industrial training students can feel an expertise in Design & Drafting that will make students a perfect Design Engineer.

By providing professional and trained instructors we ensure the quality and level of the training of the students and engineers. students can pursue their goal easily and confidently with the mechanical  industrial training provided by us here at CADDPRIMER.

Career Options for Mechanical Engineers with the mechanical industrial training in chandigarh with us are

CAD/CAM Engineer                                              Piping Design Engineer
Power Plant Engineer                                         Maintenance Engineer
Project Engineer                                                   Production Engineer
Consultant Engineer                                           Mechanical Equipment Designer
HVAC Engineer                                                      Automobile Engineer


Design involves the development of the shape and dimensions of a component. During designing several factors are to be considered simultaneously. Some of them are stress requirements, method of manufacture. Geometric modeling is the first step in CAD. A geometric model is created on the screen using different techniques in Mechanical industrial training in Chandigarh . Once creating this model can be easily altered in geometry and configuration to yield a satisfactory shape. The next step is deciding on the exact dimensions. The results of geometric modeling will further be use by CAM in the preparation of NC tapes for the component.

The most important function of CAD is engineering analysis. Engineering analysis basically involves deciding the exact dimensions of the component. In Mechanical industrial training in Chandigarh These values have to be arrived at by analyzing the component in terms of the loads it has to withstand in function. CAD provides sophisticated method like the finite element technique. Unsatisfactory design may require several iteration of the whole process. The computer scores over the human in its capabilities of rapid information retrieval, numerical processing and repeating a process without fatigue.

Simulation, in the CAD/CAM context, means duplicating on the video screen a replica of the actual physical situation the designed component is likely to be in. for instance, an aeroplane will be subjected to wind loads. In the conventional method, the aeroplane will be tested in a wind tunnel using a prototype. This is an expensive and inflexible process, expensive because of the physical construction of the wind tunnel and the prototype, inflexible because it may not be possible to test various sizes and shape under a set of test condition. Computer simulation gets rid of both these limitations. It involves the testing of a graphic model whose size and shape can be varied at will. Computer simulation does not completely do away with prototype testing. A near perfect shape can be determined using simulation, which can later be tested with a prototype under test conditions.Mechanical industrial training in Chandigarh provides councill regarding these areas.
The logical step would be to produce a drawing of the component. A drawing is dispensable for the production of the component. Not only the components designed by engineering analysis, but also complex layouts, assemblies can be created interactively and plotted in about one tenth of the normal time. Automated drafting has resulted in enormous productivity gains in terms of time, labour and expenses.

Features of CADD Industrial training:

(a)Describes what CAD is, what it can do for you and how it is best used.
(b)Introduces hundreds of common terms used in CAD.
(c)Illustrates the concepts of working with CAD using a number of exercises.
(d)Introduces a number of advanced development techniques and shortcut methods used by professionals.


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we here believe

Software is a great combination between artistry and engineering.”

Mechanical Industrial Training In Chandigarh
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