PHP expert is a long term course who want to learn PHP at expert level. This course is everything starting from Developing websites using PHP, Designing using Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Deployment of websites on Internet. This course can be joined for professional career in PHP or completion of industrial training in PHP. Look and Feel of websites are as important as programming. The course will also cover tools to give artistic touch to the web apps. CMS Content management system are easy way to create web applications and we will cover popular CMS. Students will learn integrating themes, plugins and Module Management. Cakephp A framework which introduces MVC architecture. We will work with examples of CakePHP application to see how all pieces come together to build Web Apps.


200 hrs Course 2hrs Daily, 6 Days / Week


There are no pre-requisites for joining this course.

Course Objective

On job experience and exposure to different projects can help students to further upgrade their skills in PHP.

Project Work

Students will create multiple projects in this course in different application areas. Complete procedure to start project from scratch and then making project live on Internet will be covered through the course.