Power and Analog

Course Contents:

Power System Design

◦ Introduction to different types of Power supplies
◦ Basic Features Required in Power Supply
◦ Selection of different components of Power supply according to load
◦ Designing of regulated linear power supplies using fixed and adjustable regulators.
◦ Introduction to Switch mode power supply and Benefits of SMPS over linear Power supply.
◦ Introduction to Different SMPS topologies.
◦ Different types of SMPS controller IC
◦ Designing of SMPS topologies (Buck convertor, Boost converter)

Analog System Design
◦ Practical applications of different analog devices (BJT, FET,MOSFET, OPAMPS etc.)
◦ Selection and implementation Of Components according to circuit application
◦ Designing of transistor based (bipolar, FET, MOSFET) circuits
◦ Introduction to OPAMP and its practical implementation
◦ Designing of signal conditioning circuits using OPAMP and instrumentation amplifiers.
◦ Designing of Comparator
◦ Designing of constant references voltage sources