Mobile VMS

This is advance Projectile Velocity Measurement  which is enhanced version of basic VMS. This VMS is able to display velocity on Tablet and Mobile devices without use of computers and upload results on internet.Mobile VMS  Mobile VMS Mobile VMS

Velocity measurement System Unique Features

Touch Screen Tablets or Phones

Get all Velocity reading & controls on SmartPhone or Tablet.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Control the measurement unit without wires with the help of BlueTooth Control.

USB Connectivity 

Option to use USB where bluetooth is not feasible or more reliable wired Connectivity is required

Web Records

The system can be made to upload all the record on a password protected web-site so that any body having valid credentials is able to check records online.

Optical System

System is accurate and optical so that no chances of error. Even there is no need to make mechanical screens as there are no replacement parts.

Battery Powered 

The system is battery powered and provides 6 hours of continuous operation. The charger is included with the System

Portable System

The system is light-weight, portable and easy to move. But depending upon user requirement a more strong chassis may be designed as per user requirements.

InDoor / OutDoor operation

Can be operated outdoor or Indoor with Lights

Sensor Choice 

Choose optical or Mechanical sensor as per requirement.

Speech Mode

The system Will announce velocity on speakers.