HSCAM20trigger  Shadowgraph trigger


Used to study the ballistics effects of small arms. To record the shadowgraphs, a target is placed near the center of the field lens and a bullet is fired from a fixed gun.


An exposure time of the order of a few hundreds ns and a delay time of the order of a few tens of ?s are provided through software.

High Speed Photography Trigger TR-458

Many experiments require several processes to coincide with an event of unknown timing. Photographing a projectile in flight, for example, requires accurate coordination of the camera, sensors and flash lamps to capture a projectile of unknown speed.

In traditional system we have to decide our timing on an assumed muzzle velocity. Next, we’ll determine the projectile’s speed in flight and time events accordingly. So the camera will be triggered according to this time. We can statically feed this time in system but better approach is perform it dynamically. Because it takes a lot of calculations to capture the projectile. Sometimes the speed of projectiles also changes which make it more difficult to capture at right time.

With TR458 the whole experiment become a lot easier because it all calculates the speed and delays camera trigger according to the distance.

NetMax TR458 program for this experiment appears in above figure. Using dynamic timing, the camera shutter will open at the right time regardless of the bullet’s actual speed. The only remaining uncertainty is the amount by which the bullet slows down in flight. If this uncertainty is too high,

The TR 458’s unique timing modes and combinatorial logic allow for quick programming of complex experiments. Though this simple bullet experiment unfolds at millisecond speeds, the programming process remains the same for more complicated experiments with micro second-scale timing.