Velocity Measurement

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It is accurate system to measure velocity of projectile. Setup consist of optical sensors and Chronograph and Monitoring softwares.  Multiple types of sensors are developed according to requirement which contains contact based and non-contact optical sensors.  Sensor data is fed to Chronograph to calculate the velocity.

This system can record velocities with accuracy better than 1%.

Measurement Limits
Velocity from few meter per second to 2500 meter per second can be recorded with system.

The system comes with software that also enables it to be easily stored. Data is also transferred to Computer which can be sent as email, stored in files. System also able to announce the velocity using the speakers.

Product Features

  • Small setup
  • Indoor Operation
  • Outdoor Operation
  • Battery Backed
  • Results on PC
  • Announce Results by Speech
Project Work
Project is results of our years of R&D in field of electronics and optics. It is one of its kind available in India which has features at Par with international products.
System produce results with 1% accuracy.

Active Projectile detection area

Width:  300mm

Height: 300mm


System include re-chargable batteries with continuous working upto 10 Hrs with standard batteries.
Special Accessories provided for indoor and outdoor testing.

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Product can be customized according to requirements of Client.