1.Setting up python

  1. Getting started with python
  2. Python Basics
  3. Python iterators
  4. Python Data-Types
  5. Python Built-in Data structure
  6. Sequences in python
  7. Introduction to classes and objects in python
  1. Object oriented programming in Python
  2. Modules and packages in python
  3. File handling in python
  1. Errors and exception handling in python
  2. Networking in python
  3. socket programming
  1. Making a http server with python
  2. GUI programming in python using Tkinter
  3. Learn how to write python scripts
  4. Automating Daily stuff using *Python scripting *
  5. Writing your own *module* in python
Python Python Training Chandigarh

Course Highlights

  1. Learn how to build and make your own Http server Live in python only
  2. Automate daily task in python such as sending mails ,editing CSV, sending SMS using python
  3. Network monitoring and socket programming
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