scada training in chandigarh

Netmax Technologies  Automation Division is best place for scada training in chandigarh. Netmax Automation division is training students in field of PLC ,SCADA ,HMI and DRIVES both AC and DC for last 15 years . Netmax is best place for Automation training in chandigarh . Netmax has also developed its own NETMAX-PLC systems with its special Hardware and Software .

What is SCADA ? 

 SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) is a computer system for gathering and analyzing real scada training in chandigarhtime data. SCADA systems are used to monitor and control a plant or equipment in industries such as telecommunications, water and waste control, energy, oil and gas refining and transportation. The SCADA perform a master control over the PLC panel and provide full flexibility to calibration the analog input. Modern SCADA systems allow real-time data from the plant floor to be accessed from anywhere in the world. DAQFactory is a SCADA software platform that many businesses and organizations have switched to using.  Its powerful and robust nature allows SCADA system integrators to reach the demands of their customers while costing less than other SCADA software solutions. The Netmax Technologies also Provide the best PLC automation and scada training in chandigarh using DAQ Factory.

DAQFactory Developer offers all the features of data acquisition from a wide range of devices, data logging to ASCII, binary and database files, unlimited user definable screens with 44 screen components and a 3800 image library, powerful graphing and trending, PID loop control, alarming, autodialer, networking and much more.

Feature at Netmax Technologies for scada training in chandigarhscada training in chandigarh

  • World renown SCADA  DAQ factory Software and Hardware
  • DAQfactory SCADA hardware LABJACK used for training of scada
  • Sensors analog and digital both interfacing with live SCADA examples
  • SCADA interfacing with PLC , Automation Devices etc.
scada training in chandigarh

scada training in chandigarh

Syllabus For scada training in chandigarh

  • Introduction to SCADA ,its need and Industrial Requirements
  • Introduction to various SCADA hardware as well as software’s in the market
  • Introduction to Netmax SCADA  hardware and software
  • user friendly SCADA environment and accessing its components
  • workspace creation and study of different parameters
  • Accessing Digital input and outputs
  • Accessing Analog input and control on scada hardware as well as software
  • Accessing DAC input and control on scada hardware as well as software
  • IP addressing of SCADA
  • sending data over internet
  • receiving data over internet
  • SENSOR interfacing with DAC Factory like(Humidity, Temperature and Light Sensor)  by using these sensors you can measure physical environmental conditions and calibrate  and show on screen in digital and analog values.
  • Switches, Connectors interface with DAC Factory.
  • LED’s, Relays, Buzzer, interface with DAC Factory.
  • log generation and trending
  • alert generation and many more live examples like tank filling ,powder mixing and plant supervision etc.

Interested in learning  Scada training in chandigarh .Netmax technologies is providing plc Automation ,Drives and also HMI with Scada training in chandigarh


join Netmax Technologies  for PLC Automation and scada training  in chandigarh call us now ….

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