Software Training

softwares  Software Training softwares

Netmax provides hands on project based training in various languages. Programmers can develop Desktop Applications, Web Applications Mobile Apps and Websites.
Netmax provide software training on following courses in programming-

  • Java 7 Developer Course
  • PHP – Web Designing & Development
  • ASP .NET Programming in C#
Java 7 Developer course
Java is most widely used language on PC, Servers, Mobile devices and Embedded System. No doubt it is most widely loved language due to its features. Our course also include latest frame works like Struts, Spring and Hibernate.

Maps & GPS based Applications

Java EE
Apps communicating with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Proximity, Accelerometer, Multi-touch based Apps.

frameworks  Software Training frameworks

PHP – Web Designing & Development
PHP is probably most widely used language for Websites. Creating WebSite and Web Apps is a rewarding career when everything is going online now-a-days. Our course also include CMS like Joomla, WordPress and Know how to make website Live on Internet.
Maps & GPS based Applications
Apps communicating with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
Proximity, Accelerometer, Multi-touch based Apps.

php_frameworks  Software Training php frameworks

ASP .NET programming in C#
.NET framework is building blocks of developing apps on windows platform. You can create Desktop App or Web App or Mobile applications. Dot net framework provide powerful tools and class library to build application in short time. C# is most popularly used because a lot of programmers start with programming in C & C++.
 C Sharp
Maps & GPS based Applications
 Visual Basic
Apps communicating with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
ASP .Net
Proximity, Accelerometer, Multi-touch based Apps.

asp-features2  Software Training asp features2

Non Software Courses
Cisco CCNA to CCIE, Redhat Linux RHCE – RHCSS, Microsoft MCITP
Controller Programming, Robotics, PLC
Mechanical CAD course

android-features  Software Training android features

Mobile application can be uploaded to online store without any approval in Android but formal approval is required in case of IOS applications.
Project Work
Two projects will be covered in the class and then individual projects will be assigned to students. As the project is desktop application and students will be asked to give professional Look, Feel and Functionality to applications.

Netmax offers courses in JAVA, PHP and Microsoft .Net technologies. Netmax also provides training on Developing Mobile Applications for Android and iPhone. This is high end training which can be used for professional career development.