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Software Development

This article will help you about learn about various options for software training in chandigarh and north region. If you are not sure about the development language and its applications then this article will definitely help those students."

Every computer has a processor which executes instructions. A software developers write a set of instructions for processor which is called a program. Writing those programs is called software development. Initially machine language was used for programming of processors. Then assembly language is used for programming which is more simple looking. Now a days no of high level languages are available with OOPS features. The golden rule in programming is REUSE. We need a programming language which is latest, updated and contain all advancements of the operating system for which we are developing the applications and software. Then we are able to get full benefits of Language and OS to create powerful applications with following proper coding standards.

As a developer we can create application which run on computers or applications which are executed via web browser or specific applications which can interact with computer hardware. These Softwares are called:

  • Application softwares
  • Web Application Softwares
  • System Softwares
  • Device drivers

Given the rapid growth of this sector, several companies have started to use offshore development in India, China and other countries with a lower cost per developer. Notable firms that are involved in development include Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys, Wipro, and Mahindra Satyam.

If you are creative, and ready to develop something new then software development is one of the exciting career to start. We have created special training modules which are need of the current industry requirement. We work hard to keep our modules updated as per industry trends. Learning software development from Netmax will take your career to new heights.

Software Projects

Our focus is to create exciting projects that can inspire students to get in-depth understanding as well as enjoy creating Applications

Plan Your Career

You can choose one of following streams in this career. The modules available for software training in Chandigarh, Patiala, Ludhiana, Bhatinda and Jalandhar are as Below

As a developer we can develop following types of applications:

  • Web Application development in ASP .net
  • Developing Enterprise JAVA Application
  • Web design and development in PHP
  • Developing Mobile Applications in Android

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