android training in ludhiana

android training in ludhiana

Netmax technologies Ludhiana is Providing Best of the Class android training in ludhiana. For a fresher looking for a career in Android App Development, Netmax Technologies is right place to start with. From basic level to advanced technologies is a part of Android training in Ludhiana. This training enables you to get prepared for professional android app development. Regular and Fast Track batches for android training in Ludhiana, enables you to find a job quickly and easily. By Joining Netmax Technologies you are guaranteed to have an edge over others.

Topics Covered under Android training in Ludhiana by Netmax Software Development Team

  • Android :Here you get to know about various android platform. Installing it, configuring environment, creating apps, installing android training in ludhianaemulators and understanding android platform.
  • Android Widgets:We teach you using components to create GUI interface . These  components includes Button, Text View, Radio Buttons, Check Boxes, List Views, Image Views, List Boxes etc.
  • Activity and Intents:The single screen displayed is known as activity in Android. You learn the activity life cycle. While developing your app you need to invoke other activity or services like turning on Bluetooth , making a call etc. this is done using intents.
  • Android Fragments:Sometimes you need to represent multiple views on single screen like you want to show header, footer on multiple activities ,you can create separate fragments and combine then to show them on single screen.
  • Android Menu:Here you learn  to create menus in your application . there are various menu types available like pop up menus,context menus
  • Android Service:App development sometimes requires invoking some task on scheduled time or to use predefined features/ services of android. You learn to invoke both things using examples.
  • Android Storage:Android allows you to store information in internal and external memory. You can use this feature to store information of your app.
  • Android SQLite:Android allows you to permanently store information in database so that you can use and change it as per your need.
  • XML and JSON:Android allows you to read information in XML and JSON format. You can get RSS Feeds or fetch data from sites stored in these formats.
  • Android Multimedia: Android enables you to embed audio,videos and record them too. You learn to perform various operations on android training in ludhianathese multimedia files and use them.
  • Android Telephony: Android allows you to make call,send sms,send e-mail and receive them in your app.You Learn all these features using practical implementation.
  • Android Device: Android allows you to control your mobile’s Bluetooth, camera and wifi controls .You an use these for sharing files on faster track and many more operations.
  • Android Animation:You can make your activities,components  and fragments to slide in, fade, zoom rotate or scale them as per your need , to make your app look effective.



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Android Training in Ludhiana
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