Java is very powerful and with the launch of Java Embedded it is more powerful component of IOT applications. IOT is next big thing with more than 20 Billion IOT devices in coming years. Be prepared for the future with our JAVA IOT course and develop exciting projects using JAVA

Raspberry Pi and Accessories will be provided in the lab to create various projects. This course is exclusively available at Netmax Chandigarh

Pre-Requisite: Core Java is the basic requirement for the course

Duration: 1 Month


Linux Basics

Introducing the Raspberry Pi as an Embedded Device

Installing the Java ME 8 SDK and NetBeans 8 IDE

Installing the Raspberry Pi Software

Sensor Modules and Interfacing

Introduction to the Raspberry Pi

Programming using Java ME Embedded

Using NetBeans and the Windows emulator

Running IMlets on the Raspberry Pi

 Creating threaded applications

Using Timer and TimerTask

Debug and Troubleshoot Common Problems




Java Embedded
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