Need of Hybrid Apps

Most development companies need different development team for each platform. Then teams need to communicate with each other so that features and UI could be made similar on all platforms. To resolve these issues while developing a product, a new trend is to create hybrid application using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. These type of applications will have similar UI, Features across all operating system. Updating application or adding new features will also become easy. With these advantage Cross Platform application will future of apps and there is huge demand for these developers right now.

What is PhoneGap ?

Phonegap is open source platform which is most widely used and has number of features. Currently it is able to access all hardware devices of phone with the help of plugins. Our course provide student an extensive coverage to develop the application.

Our PhoneGap Training

Netmax a pioneer company in launching new courses in the region has introduced a new course for developing mobile applications by using Phonegap Platform. In today's world mobile application of a web service is required on every platform. For example if there is Website for a particular service then we need Mobile application for all major platforms which include iOS, Android, Windows Mobile & Blackberry etc.

Basics  Introduction to PhoneGap / Cordova
Introduction of HTML, CSS, java script
Installing PhoneGap and Configuring environment
PhoneGap Project Structure
Writing HTML, CSS and JavaScript
Config.xml file
Platform independent properties
iOS specific configuration
Android specific configuration
Adding plugins & features
Building the application
Device Information and Notification
Getting information from device
Opening Modals and Pages
Listening to events
Notifications & Alerts
Splash Screen and Events
Hardware APIs
Introduction to hardware interfacing using JavaScript
Hardware APIs using PhoneGap / Cordova
Database using WebSQL
Adding tables & Inserting data
Executing Queries
Updating & Deleting table
Contacts & Messages
Accessing device contacts
Adding and editing contacts
Sending receiving SMS
Finalising Application