The modern javascript

Javascript is an important element in web development.

In Netmax technologies, the experienced faculty from IT profession provides the advance level training in UX design i.e user’s experience with product or services, how easily he can do the desired tasks. UX covers everything from physical products to digital like swiping through an app. UI is user interface that is used to interact with the product and focuses on experience of individual. Java script has become an important language in web development. It is used for client side and server side validation.
It keeps your codes with in safety. Different websites use different scripts. If two scripts use the same variable or function, it becomes problematic. So in this case we keep our code safe by applying extra ().
It follows DOM (Data Object Model). The file runs on browser corresponding to that document another representation of model is created called DOM. Basically, it is an event-driven scripting language.
Object-oriented java script includes namespaces just to prevent the unwanted arguments.
Java script is a purely object oriented language. It has self contained codes for developing applications. Inheritance and encapsulation. Only these two apply to oops in java script. Java script is supported by every browser for complex functionality. Java script is used in website for validation purposes and creating the boxes used for confirmation. It stores and assigns new information to the running website. It handles the password security. It checks whether the password limitation or validation is followed or not.
Java script and java are two different things. Java is used for developing web applications and java script is used to make interactive web pages. Java script is used with html for creating animation. Trending frame works of java script used are:
Angular and vue.js both are used for designing purpose
Vue.js is small in size and the success of java script is due to small size.
Those who have knowledge of html and web designing can easily do work in vue.js.
Node.js is an open source platform. The applications built today are more responsive which is a client-side scripting work which means they work only on browser. Node.js is also a secure frame work and is scalable and secured from any kind of sql injection. Its official site is These frame works have contributed to make technology reach on higher trends. Angular developed by Google became popular due to its 2 version. It is a type script based framework in Java script. You can visit its official site The react.js frame work is founded by facebook in year 2013. Its official site is

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