Netmax Technologies is providing high end vlsi training in chandigarh in verilog ,vhdl both.Netmax is biggest provider of industrial training courses in north india . its has 5 + locations in punjab and chandigarhwith dedicated r & d division for electronics , software development , networking etc . if you want to learn vlsi Netmax is state of the art best place for vlsi training in chandigarh .

the details of VLSI course is as follows

Digital IC Designing  with HDL

  • Introduction To ASIC design.
  • Introduction  to Hardware description Languages :VHDL, VERILOG
  • Architectural features of FPGA and CPLD.
  • Introduction to Xilinx’s XC2C64A CPLD chip & Altera’s 5M570ZF256C5N       CPLD Chip.
  • Working with Xilinx’s ISE 8.1 & Altera’s Quarteus II 12.1 HDL design Platform.
  • Study of Combinational and Sequential Digital System Designing .
  • Development  and implementation of following digital circuit on CPLD using HDL :

1).Designing of NOT GateVery-Large-Scale-Integration
2).Designing of AND Gate,NAND Gate
3).Designing of  OR Gate , NOR Gate,XOR Gate
4).Designing of  HALF ADDER & FULL  ADDER
5).Designing of  SHIFT REGISTERS
6).Designing of  COUNTERS
8).Designing of  DECODER & ENCODER
9).Designing of  BCD to 7 SEGMENT decoder
10).Designing of  Dot Matrix LCD  decoder
11).Designing of  4 BIT ALU.


PCB Designing & Analog Implementation

  •  Introduction To different type of PCB
  •  Circuit Schematic design using Schematic Tools


Single sheet design

Multy sheets design

Net alliance , Virtual connections, Component editing

Error checking an reduction

Net list generation to Design PCB Layout

PCB designing using Layout Tool:

Foot Print  Selection according to component package

Customize Foot Print  designing

Components Placement Techniques

Routing Techniques

Copper pouring, Drill settings,Silk screen setting

Error checking and Reduction

Post-processing to prepare PCB design  manufacturing


  •  Practical applications and Implementation  of different analog devices [BJT, FET,MOSFET, OPAMPS, ULN etc.


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