Netmax Technologies is providing  world class Vmware training . Netmax has dedicated IBM based virtualization Servers for VMware ESXi practicals .

VMware Virtualization

VMware is industry’s most deployed Virtulization & Cloud management technology. VMware has built Virtualization solution on  vSphere with Operation management platform.Netmax technologies provide best training in vitualization in Chandigarh.

VMware virtualization saves lot of money to build your datacenters because less number of physical server hardware will be used & by automation O/S expenses are reduced.Virtualization reduces downtime by great extent & ensures 99.99% uptime to our datacenters as following :

80 percent more utilization of server efficiency

Up to 50 percent savings in capital and operating costs

10:1 or better server consolidation ratio

Network Virtualization

Network Virtualization is the replica of same physical network reproduced into software.Virtual networks provide the same feautures of hardware networks,still they offermany benefits like raid implementation,automatic recovery,support for legacy & new applications.Network Virtualization uses same devices like routers,switches & firewalls as real physical networks do but it prsesnts them as logical networking not physical.Apllicationsrun same way on theses logical networks as they run on physical networks.

Netmax technologies is using latests VMware virtulization softwares to provide best virtulization and cloud training in chandigarh.VMware network virtualization software can create highly scalable network cloud which provides high degree of efficiency,faster data transfers,data cloning& Security implementation.VMware NSX is most deployed network virtulization platform to provide fully automated virtual network for virtual machines.

Application Virtualization

To maintain QOS & SLA for corporate Apps in Virtual environments,Coporates focus on the virtualization components in a network,Maintaining and administration of virtualized business applications and following corporate policies to business continuity & disaster recovery.

The VMware vCloud suite is the application solution which enhances the quality of IT services delivered but also increases efficiency and eliminates costly over provisioning.

Storage Virtualization

As data storage demands are increasing, we need a new approach to storage.Today huge data volumes &  real time Apps are demandingin more & more storage.Legacy storage systems are overwhelmed & we need much better alternatives to storage for our networks.

VMware SAN is the platform to implement VMware software deifned data center to storage.VMware SAN collects the space of disks and  flash drives of in the servers & integrates them into high performance storage pools & provide these as software.  Storage virtualization system gives a much efficient way to manage storage resources of your storarage infrastructure and give the corporates ability to:

efficiently increase storage resource utilization and deployment

ease the process of applying patch to OS

Increase application uptime and simplify day-to-day operations

Leverage and complement your existing storage infrastructure


Main Topics in Module

Implementing VMware ESXi abd vCenter Server

Creating Virtual Machines

Planning and configuring vSphere Networking

Planninf and Configuring vSphere Storage

Creating Cluster and Resource Pools

Performing Troubleshooting

Managing vCenter server Alarms

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