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Covers Python programming , Machine Learning Algorithms, Deep Learning

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In Today ‘s driven world businesses are leveraging the power of data science to gain a competitive egde and drive innovation. At Netmax Technologies we understand the immense potential of data and its ability to transform decision making processes . Our comprehensive data science programs are designed to equip you with the skills required to thrive you in this rapidly evolving field, apart From Fundamentals to advance topics such as NumpyPandasMatplotlib, Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence , it is suitable for both professionals and beginners.  Join the high-demand field of data Science taking industries into an insight-driven.  

What you will Learn

Data Science Course Overview

  •  Introduction and Overview
  •  Install and Setup Python and
  • PYcharm IDE
  • Variable Types and Input
  •  Basic Operators
  •  Decision Making
  • Loops and Date & Time
  • Numbers and Strings
  •  Lists,Tuples and Dictionary
  •  Built-in Functions,User De?ned
  • Functions
  • Built-In Modules
  • File I/O
  • Managing Directories
  • Exception handling
  • Python Slice and Slicing 
  •  Classes and Self
  •  Class Constructor(__init__)and Destructor
  • Inheritance its Types and Polymorphism
  •  MySql Introduction
  • Install MySql Connector for python
  •  Curd(Create,Update,Read,Delete)
  • Operations
  • Basic functions
  • All Types of Joins
  • Wildcards
  •  Triggers
  • Union
  • Stored Procedure
  • Views
  •  Indexes , Constraints 
  •  Basics
  •  Rest Architecture
  • Rest and Python
  •  Numpy
  • Numpy Library Installation

  •  Numdata Types

  • Attributes of arrays , Array Indexing

  • Slicing of arrays , Reshaping of arrays

  • Joining and splitting of arrays

  • Matplotlib

  •  Installation of Matplotlib

  •  Basic plots in Matplotlib

  • Importing Matplotlib

  •  Scatter Plot , Bar Plot

  • Pie chart , Histogram

  • Pandas
  • Getting To Know Your data
  • Introduction to Pandas Library
  • Data preparation and Transformation
  • Exploration on Titanic Dataset
  • Decision Tree
  • Model evaluation
  • Create your Submission File
  • Scikit- learn
  • Installation of Scikit
  • Pre- processing Techniques
  • Machine Learning Techniques
  • Tensor Flow and keras
  • Neural Networks
  • Feature Selection
  •  Data Augmentation
  •  Data Visualization Data Analysis
  •  Practice on datasets of Apple,
  •  Facebook, Google.
  • Time Series Analysis
  •  Regression , Classification
  • Techniques for Regression and classification
  •  Liner Regression
  •  XG Boost , ADA Boost
  • Random Forest
  •  Project on Supervised Learning
  • Clusters , K means
  • Projects of clustering
  • PCA , LDA
  • Kernel Method ,
  • Projects of PCA
  • Recommendation using Netflix Data
  • Automatic song Recommendation based on mood
  • Word to vector Method
  • Deep Learning in NLP
  • Projects Sentiments Analysis of human being
  • Introduction to Neural Network
  • Types of Neural Network
  • Back propagation in Neural Network
  • Image Processing
  •  Convolution Neural Network 
  •  Virtual Mouse
  • Pattern Recognition for Virtual gaming
  • Object Detection system
  • Face detection
  •  Chat Bot
  • Stock Price Prediction
  • Article Recommendation System
  • Stress Detection
  • Iris Flower Classification
  • Twitter Sentiment Analysis
  • Apple Stock Price Prediction
  • Insurance Prediction
  • Car Price Prediction Model
  • Spam Detection
  • Count Objects in Image
  • Gender Detection
  • Image Recognition with PyTorch
  • Image Classification with Artificial Neural Networks
  • Create a Chatbot with Python


Data Science is the study of mathematics, statistics, machine learning, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence, to analyze and get insights from vast amounts of data.

Data Scientists apply Machine learning algorithms to numbers, text, images, videos, graphics, audio, and more to convert these data into information, so without data science, these processes require human intelligence and are very time consuming.

Multinational companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Flipkart, and others are recruiting data scientists to predict customer behavior, develop recommendation systems, identify new opportunities, and more. Data science is a field of study used in every industry, starting from healthcare, finance, banking, insurance, real estate, human resource, medicine, and all others.

Course Features:

Why Choose Career in Data Science ?

Benefits of Data science Training

Future Scope and Career Opportunities

Applications of Data Science Course :

Company Director is conduction data science workshop in Chitkara university

Healthcare: Data science aids in disease prediction, drug discovery, and personalized medicine by analyzing patient data and medical records to identify patterns and trends.

Finance: It is used for fraud detection, risk assessment, and algorithmic trading, helping financial institutions make data-driven decisions in a volatile market.

E-commerce: Recommender systems analyze customer behavior to provide personalized product recommendations, enhancing user experience and increasing sales.


Transportation: Data-driven route optimization, traffic prediction, and demand forecasting help improve public transportation systems and streamline business logistics.

Social Media: Sentiment analysis and user behavior modeling enable platforms to understand user preferences, tailor content and combat misinformation.

Sports Analytics: Data science is used to analyze player performance, enhance training regimes, and strategize game plans in various sports.

Marketing: Data science optimizes marketing campaigns, identifies target audiences, and measures the effectiveness of advertising efforts

Applications of data science

Why Choose Netmax for Data Science  Course In Chandigarh

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Certified Faculty

NetMax is providing expert training from last 23 years. The training is delivered by professional engineers who are experienced and certified

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We constantly keep updating our curriculum to provide best possible course & include latest topics

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Our course at Netmax Technologies are designed to prepare you for the data science jobs in Chandigarh

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We help students to prepare for the certification exam with mock tests and lab simulation for the better understanding of exam format.

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At Netmax Technologies, we believe in a hands-on approach to learning. Our data science programs incorporate real-world case studies and projects

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At the completion of the course, students are prepared for jobs, and mock interviews are conducted.

Our Student's Reviews

Nikita Gupta
Nikita Gupta
I have done data science course from here, and I have learned about technologies like pyhton,Ml,Dl and about database, the way of teaching and doubt clearing is very good and they teach you how to make projects by using these technologies.
Amazing experience learning python here. The staff and faculty are really helpful.
Sukh Banwait
Sukh Banwait
Best training institute for data science highly recommended,also lot of mnc companies come there for hiring python candidates .
Lovica Narang
Lovica Narang
My experience of learning here was good
Ritik Ramesh
Ritik Ramesh
I had enrolled myself in NetMax Institute in Feb, 2023. NetaMax helped to learn and improve my analytical skills as well in Research. Now I am in internship in Alied Analytics, Pune. Great to have amazing guidance and teachers! Friendly Behavior!!
Akshat Sharma
Akshat Sharma
One of the best institute in Chandigarh, for any kind of web development course
Muskan Verma
Muskan Verma
Learning at netmax institute was very much satisfied ,every student get good placement at well reputed companies.Netmax institute provides us internship for better future and experience. Here faculties who are very educated and knowledgeable and experienced. They are very helpful and understandable well communication.
Karan Bhardwaj
Karan Bhardwaj
I have done Web Development in Python and Djnago framework.. faculties are helpful and training institute in chandigarh
Aditi Sharma
Aditi Sharma
Excellent teaching and coordinating faculty


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Frequent Asked Questions

No, Internships are not part of programme

The cost of the course is 30k and fees to be paid in 2 installments .

The number of courses you can take often depends on our batch availability , the course load and your own capacity

To start  data science , knowledge of python is must

Data Science may have a defined sequence where certain foundational modules need to be completed before progressing to more advanced topics.

Develop a comprehensive portfolio showcasing your data science projects, analyses, and models. This can include case studies, personal projects