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Are you looking for the Best Institute for the Generative AI Course in Chandigarh, then don’t worry you are at the right platform. NetMax is here to provide you with the full Generative AI Course with practical knowledge and We even provide our candidates with the lab facilities and 100% Placement Assistance.

What Is Generative AI ?

Generative AI, often referred to as Generative Artificial Intelligence, is a revolutionary technology that empowers machines to generate new content based on existing data patterns. In contrast to traditional AI that primarily focuses on specific tasks, Generative AI delves into creative territory by producing fresh and innovative outputs. This emerging field has gained immense traction due to its potential to reshape various industries because If you’re keen on exploring the depths of Generative AI, you might consider enrolling in a Generative AI course in Chandigarh .

What you'll learn

This Course includes :

Generative AI Course Overview

  • Basic concepts of machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  • Understanding what neural networks
  • Machine learning algorithms and their workings
  • Understanding Of Python
  • Python libraries like NumPy, Pandas,  Matplotlib, seaborn
  • Data manipulation ,analysis and visualization
  • Machine learning and deep learning algorithm
  • Mathematics: linear algebra and calculus
  • Supervised and unsupervised learning
  • libraries like Scikit-Learn
  • Algorithms like decision trees , random forests etc.
  • Understanding neural networks
  • Activation functions, and gradient descent
  • Tensor Flow Library
  • ANN(Artificial neural network)
  • Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)
  • CNN(Convolutional neural networks)
  • Variational Autoencoders (VAEs)
  • Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs)
  • Generative AI Applications
  • Understanding Probability and Statistics in Generative AI
  • Introduction to Generative Models
  • Deep Learning for Generative Models
  • Introduction to Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)
  • Transformers and Attention Mechanisms – “Attention is all you need”.
  • Introduction to Large Language Models (LLMs)
  • Architecture of Large Language Models
  • Text AI LLMs (GPT-3, GPT-4, LaMDA, LLaMA, Stanford Alpaca, Google FLAN, Poe, Falcon LLM)
  • Image AI Models & Services (Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, ControlNet (SD))
  • Video AI Models (Runway – Gen 1 & 2, Kaiber, D-ID)
  • Audio AI Models (ElevenLabs)
  • IIntroduction to Prompt
  • Engineering
    Introduction to ChatGPT
  • Designing a prompt – The process and workflow
  • Avoiding prompt injections using delimiters
  • Defining constraints
  • Zero-shot Prompting
  • Shot Prompting
  • Prompting
    Chain of Thought
  • Type of Customization(Fine Tunning, Embeddings,RLHF)
  • Knowledge Graphs
  • Search-deep dive
  • Enterprise Architecture overview
  • Gen AI postioning within Enterprise
  • Architecture Attention
  • Transformer Architeture
  • End to End AI Model Architecture with GenAI
  • Day in life of Data Scientist
  • How to industrialize models and enable ModelOps
  • When and how to recalibrate,re-train,re-build models
  • Search Architecture
  • Chatbot Architecture
  • Domain specfic architectures
  • What is LangChain and when should you use it?
  • The LangChain Ecosystem
  • Supported LLMs
  • Case Study: Getting started with LangChain and OpenAI
  • Prompt composition and templates
  • Using multiple LLMs (Chains)
  • Working with Data loaders – Ingesting documents
  • Working with text splitters – Chunking Data
  • Working with Chains (Conversational Retrieval QA, Retrieval QA, Summarization, API etc.)
  • Working with Memory
  • Working with Embedding
  • OpenSource LLM-Overview
  • Other LLM Models(Cohere,AI21 etc)
  • Text AI LLMs (GPT-3, GPT-4, LaMDA, LLaMA, Stanford Alpaca, Google FLAN, Poe, Falcon LLM)
  • Image AI Models & Services (Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, ControlNet (SD))
  • Video AI Models (Runway – Gen 1 & 2, Kaiber, D-ID)
  • Audio AI Models (ElevenLabs)
  • When should retrain our LLM Model
  • Impact on evironment
  • Biases and other ethical Issues
  • Copyrights and ownership
  • License types for models and its implications


A Generative AI course in Chandigarh can provide you with comprehensive insights into the techniques, algorithms, and applications of this cutting-edge technology. Throughout the course, you’ll delve into various aspects of Generative AI, including its core concepts, algorithms, and real-world implementations. By participating in hands-on projects and practical exercises, you’ll have the opportunity to apply your theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios.

Course Features:

Why Choose Career in Generative AI ?

Benefits of Generative AI Training in Chandigarh

Here are some of the benefits which you will enjoy after completing the Generative AI Course-

Future Scope and Career Opportunities

Generative AI is one of the fields which has never ending demand in the IT sector. 

Why Choose Netmax for Generative Ai  Course In Chandigarh

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Certified Faculty

NetMax is providing expert training from last 23 years. The training is delivered by professional engineers who are experienced and .

Latest Curriculum

We constantly keep updating our curriculum to provide best possible course & include latest topics.

Best Infrastructure

Labs are well equipped with laptops, computers and Air conditioner.

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We help students to prepare for the certification exam with mock tests and lab simulation for the better understanding of exam format.

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100% Practical Training

NetMax covers 100% practicals with Live projects making best place to learn and enhance your career

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At the completion of the course, students are prepared for jobs and mock interviews are conducted.

Our Student's Reviews

Nikita Gupta
Nikita Gupta
I have done data science course from here, and I have learned about technologies like pyhton,Ml,Dl and about database, the way of teaching and doubt clearing is very good and they teach you how to make projects by using these technologies.
Amazing experience learning python here. The staff and faculty are really helpful.
Sukh Banwait
Sukh Banwait
Best training institute for data science highly recommended,also lot of mnc companies come there for hiring python candidates .
Lovica Narang
Lovica Narang
My experience of learning here was good
Ritik Ramesh
Ritik Ramesh
I had enrolled myself in NetMax Institute in Feb, 2023. NetaMax helped to learn and improve my analytical skills as well in Research. Now I am in internship in Alied Analytics, Pune. Great to have amazing guidance and teachers! Friendly Behavior!!
Akshat Sharma
Akshat Sharma
One of the best institute in Chandigarh, for any kind of web development course
Muskan Verma
Muskan Verma
Learning at netmax institute was very much satisfied ,every student get good placement at well reputed companies.Netmax institute provides us internship for better future and experience. Here faculties who are very educated and knowledgeable and experienced. They are very helpful and understandable well communication.
Karan Bhardwaj
Karan Bhardwaj
I have done Web Development in Python and Djnago framework.. faculties are helpful and training institute in chandigarh
Aditi Sharma
Aditi Sharma
Excellent teaching and coordinating faculty

Frequent Asked Questions

Generative AI refers to AI models that can generate new content such as text, images, audio, or code, rather than just analyzing existing data. Examples : GPT-3 and image generation models like DALL-E.

Experts predict continued rapid progress, with models becoming increasingly capable, efficient, and able to handle more complex generation tasks

Common applications include text generation (e.g. writing articles, stories, or code), image generation, audio synthesis, and creative tasks like generating music or art.

Generative AI has the potential to automate certain tasks, but could also augment and enhance human creativity and productivity in many field

No, generative AI is a specific type of narrow AI that focuses on generating new content

Generative AI models are typically trained on large datasets of existing content. They learn patterns and relationships in the data, which allows them to generate new content that mimics the style and characteristics of the training data.


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