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Are you looking for the Best Web Designing & Development Training in Chandigarh? Don’t worry. Netmax Technologies is the solution to your questions. And provides you with Web Designing & Development Course in Chandigarh at an advanced level.

Elevate your web design and development skills with our expert-led courses in Chandigarh. Learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more, and unleash your creativity to craft stunning websites. Join us and kickstart your journey towards becoming a proficient web designer and developer today

 Accordingly, we provide job assistance and prepare students for interviews.

What you'll learn

This Course includes :

Web Designing Course Overview

  • Introduction to HTML
  • Editors for Coding
  • HTML ELEMENTS & Attributes
  • BLOCK & INLINE Elements
  • HTML Symbols
  • Input Types & attributes
  • HTML 5 local storage
  • Introduction to Css
  • Typography (em & rem)
  • Borders & Spacing
  • Flex & Float
  • Pseudo Classes & Pseudo Elements
  • Css Transformation & Animation
  • Media Tags, Embed & Fonts
  • Downloading & Linking Bootstrap
  • Bootstrap Grid
  • Tables & Forms
  • Navigation
  • Cards, Dropdown & Toggle
  • Progress Bars & Spinners
  • Carousel & Modals
  •  Introduction to Javascript
  • How To Add Javascript
  • Variables & Datatypes
  • Javascript Functions Basics
  • Events
  • Arrays & Array Methods
  • Objects & Object Functions
  • Date & Math Object
  • Conditional Statements
  • Loops- while loop, for, Nested , OF and For each
  • Regular Expressions
  • Client Side Validations
  • DOM Validations
  • DOM with CSS
  • Dynamic Forms making
  • Ajax implementation
  • Model making using Js
  • Default Functions
  • Parameter function
  • Return Function
  • Arrow function
  • Call back function
  • Call back hell function
  • Button action
  • Auto change Select Action
  • Key Action
  • Hover action
  • Type Action
  • Sequence character
  • Quantifiers
  • Special Characters
  • Introduction to Jquery
  • Jquery Selectors
  • Add/Remove Classes
  • Jquery Events, Effect, transversing
  • Create Tabs & Dropdown Navigation
  • Popup Modal
  • Parallax Effects
  • Create Accordation
  • Creating website with wordpress
  • WordPress themes
  • Layout designs in wordpress
  • Managing content in wordpress
  • Working with Photos
  • Working with Text
  • Aligning & Layering Elements
  • Downloading, Sharing
  • Background Remover
  • Transparent Background


Web Designing refers to the creation of web designs and layouts for websites on the internet. In a nutshell ,Web designing is actually a combination of two different skill sets: Graphic designing and the Web.

Web Designing includes.

  • Web Graphic Design; User Interface(UI design);
  • User Experience Design (UX design);
  • Authoring, including standardized code.

Web Designing is one of the market’s most valuable and demanding skills in todays market. It includes

Web layout : Structuring the arrangement of content, images, and elements on each web page.

Content Production: Creating  informative written content, visuals, and multimedia for the website.

Graphic Design :Designing appealing graphics, icons, illustrations, and visual branding elements for the site.

To start a career as a Web Designer, you need to master the art of shaping a website’s look, feel, and user experience.

Appearance relates to the images, font, and colors used. Whereas , layout relates to how the information part is categorized and structured. 

With the right skills and creativity, web designers can craft attractive  websites that leave a lasting impression on visitors.

Course Features:

Who Can Learn this course

IT Graduates and Students: If you have a background in information technology or are currently pursuing a Btech , MCA, BCA  degree, web development can be a practical extension of your knowledge. It opens doors to a range of IT career opportunities.

Coders: Even if you’re coding as a hobby, web development courses can help you enhance  your skills and turn your passion into a career. You can build your websites, web applications, or even work on open-source projects.

Career Switchers: Thinking of switching careers? Web designing and development courses are a great choice and the potential for a rewarding and dynamic career.

Freelancers and Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs and freelancers can benefit immensely from learning web development. It allows you to take control of your online presence, create custom solutions for your business, or even start a web development agency.

Career options after  Web Designing & Development Course

Job Areas:​

Job profiles for the web developer

Future Scope of Web Development

 E-Commerce Development: E-commerce is experiencing exponential growth, and businesses are keen to establish their online stores. Learning to develop  e-commerce platforms will be a valuable skill.

Progressive web Apps : Progressive Web Apps  offer enhanced user experiences and faster loading times.

Growing Online Presence: Businesses and individuals are increasingly recognizing the importance of a strong online presence. This translates into a surging  demand for web designers and developers who can develop functional websites.

Mobile-Centric World: As mobile devices dominate our lives, web designers and developers skilled in creating mobile-responsive and app-friendly websites will continue to be in high demand.

Digital Transformation:The world is rapidly shifting towards a digital-first approach. Businesses are recognizing the importance of a strong online presence. This translates into an ever-growing demand for skilled web designers and developers.

Benefits of Web Designing & Development Training in Chandigarh

Certification after Completion of Course

Why Choose Netmax for Web Designing Course In Chandigarh

Experienced Trainer Icon
Certified Faculty

NetMax is providing expert training from last 23 years. The training is delivered by professional engineers who are experienced and certified

Latest Curriculum

We constantly keep updating our curriculum to provide best possible course & include latest topics like

Best Infrastructure

Labs are well equipped with laptops, computers and Air conditioner.

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Prepare For Certification

We help students to prepare for the certification exam with mock tests and lab simulation for the better understanding of exam format.

Practical Training
100% Practical Training

NetMax covers 100% practicals with Live projects making best place to learn and enhance your career

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Job Interviews

At the completion of the course, students are prepared for jobs, and mock interviews are conducted.

Our Student's Reviews

Nikita Gupta
Nikita Gupta
I have done data science course from here, and I have learned about technologies like pyhton,Ml,Dl and about database, the way of teaching and doubt clearing is very good and they teach you how to make projects by using these technologies.
Amazing experience learning python here. The staff and faculty are really helpful.
Sukh Banwait
Sukh Banwait
Best training institute for data science highly recommended,also lot of mnc companies come there for hiring python candidates .
Lovica Narang
Lovica Narang
My experience of learning here was good
Ritik Ramesh
Ritik Ramesh
I had enrolled myself in NetMax Institute in Feb, 2023. NetaMax helped to learn and improve my analytical skills as well in Research. Now I am in internship in Alied Analytics, Pune. Great to have amazing guidance and teachers! Friendly Behavior!!
Akshat Sharma
Akshat Sharma
One of the best institute in Chandigarh, for any kind of web development course
Muskan Verma
Muskan Verma
Learning at netmax institute was very much satisfied ,every student get good placement at well reputed companies.Netmax institute provides us internship for better future and experience. Here faculties who are very educated and knowledgeable and experienced. They are very helpful and understandable well communication.
Karan Bhardwaj
Karan Bhardwaj
I have done Web Development in Python and Djnago framework.. faculties are helpful and trustworthy..best training institute in chandigarh
Aditi Sharma
Aditi Sharma
Excellent teaching and coordinating faculty


The duration can vary from a few weeks to several months, depending on the course level and practice

Yes, most web design and development courses includes building complete websites or web applications as projects.

Netmax provide course completion certificates, and some offer industry-recognized certifications as well.

Entry-level salaries can range from Rs 4 lakhs to 5 lakhs per year, but can be higher based on skills and experience.

Basic computer skills and a strong interest in web technologies are usually required

No, most web development courses includes programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and others from scratch.


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