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Become a Java Expert: Enroll in NetMax's Best Java Training Course in Chandigarh

The Java Training Course offered by Netmax Technologies in Chandigarh covers all important aspects of the language from basics to advanced. 
Practical exercises and coding sessions help students practice and comprehend what they are learning and develop robust, working applications suited for real-world scenarios and environments because The Java Training Course is designed for students who want to learn how to program in Java and are willing to take up a Java developer role in any national or international company.

What will you Learn

Java Web Deveploment Course Overview

  • How to Install & set Path.
  • A Simple Java Program
  • Compiling & executing Java Program
  • Phases of Java Program
  • Analysis of a Java Program
  • Understanding Syntax and Semantic Error,
  • Runtime Exception
  • Constructor, Overloading
  • Encapsulation, Abstraction
  • Inheritance, Polymorphism
  •  Packages
  • Creating a Thread by inheriting
  • from Thread class
  • Run() and start() method.
  • Constructor of Thread Class
  • Various Method of Thread Class
  • Runnable Interface Implementation
  • Thread Group
  • Thread States and Priorities
  • Synchronization method, block
  • Class & Object Level Lock
  • Deadlock & its Prevention
  • Interthread Synchronization
  • Life Cycle of Thread
  • Deprecated methods : stop(), suspend(),
  • Introduction to Exceptions
  • Effects of Exceptions Exception Handling Mechanism
  • Try,catch,finally blocks
  • Rules of Exception Handling
  • Exception class Hierarchy, Checked & Unchecked
  • Throw & throws keyword
  • Custom Exception Class
  • Chained Exception.
  • Resource handling & multiple exception class
  • Collection Framework(Java Data Structure)
    Generics( Templates)
  • What is generic
  • Creating User defined Generic classes
  • Streams & file handling
  • Mp3 file handling
  • Virus & Trojan softwares
  • Printer devices interaction
  • Lambda Expression
  • Introduction
  • Lambda Expression Fundamental
  • Functional Interface
  • Block Lambda Expression
  • Generic Functional Interface
  • Passing Lambda Expressions as Argument
  • Lambda Expression and Exception
  • Lambda Expression and Variable Capture
  • Singleton
  •  DAO
  • DTO
  • MVC
  • Front Controller
  •  Factory Method
  • Regular & normal inner class
  • Method inner class
  • Static inner class
  • Anonymous inner class
  • Enumeration fundamentals
  • Auto boxing
  • Annotations



  • GUI basics
  • Abstract Window tool kit
  • Swings basics
  • Swings vs AWT
  • Creating GUI Applications
  • Forms, panel & layouts
  • Menus, Menu Bars, Tabbed, Pane, Dialog, boxes, Tables, Progress Bar, Slider, Swing containers
  • RServletRequest
    Ÿ ServletRequest methods
    Ÿ Registration example with DB
    Servlet Collaboration
    Ÿ RequestDispatcher
    Ÿ sendRedirect
    Ÿ ServletConfig methods
    Ÿ ServletConfig example
    Ÿ ServletContext methods
    Ÿ ServletContext example
  • JSP life cycle
  • JSP Archiyecture
  • JSP conversion in servlet
  • Directives & declaration
  • Scriptlets, Expression
  • Developing dynamic webpages
  • Using HTML with JSP pages
  • Mixing scriptlets & HTML
  • Transactions using JSP
  • Cookies & session management
  • JSTL tags
  • JSTL jdbc connectivity in JSP


Java is a high-level, general-purpose programming language widely used in the development of websites, apps, games, and back-end software. 
The course begins with the basics, including syntax, commands, and principles of Object-Oriented programming so java programming techniques, exception handling, and other core concepts are covered to enable participants to program independently. The course later moves on to advanced Java programming and includes Java APIs and libraries, Spring and Hibernate frameworks, essential for modern backend development.

Who can Learn Java Training ?

  • 12th Passed Students: Everyone who has successfully completed their 10+2 in any stream
  • Polytechnic Students of any stream
  • Marketing Executive
  • Product Manager
  • Housewives
  • Small Business Owner
Course Features:

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Java is one of the fields which has never ending demand in the IT sector. –

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Join NetMax to kickstart your Java  career with the right skills, practical exposure, and job-ready training in Chandigarh. NetMax provides the Best Java Training in Chandigarh, delivered by expert faculty.

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NetMax is providing expert training from last 23 years. The training is delivered by professional engineers who are experienced and certified.

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Our Student's Reviews

Nikita Gupta
Nikita Gupta
I have done data science course from here, and I have learned about technologies like pyhton,Ml,Dl and about database, the way of teaching and doubt clearing is very good and they teach you how to make projects by using these technologies.
Amazing experience learning python here. The staff and faculty are really helpful.
Sukh Banwait
Sukh Banwait
Best training institute for data science highly recommended,also lot of mnc companies come there for hiring python candidates .
Lovica Narang
Lovica Narang
My experience of learning here was good
Ritik Ramesh
Ritik Ramesh
I had enrolled myself in NetMax Institute in Feb, 2023. NetaMax helped to learn and improve my analytical skills as well in Research. Now I am in internship in Alied Analytics, Pune. Great to have amazing guidance and teachers! Friendly Behavior!!
Akshat Sharma
Akshat Sharma
One of the best institute in Chandigarh, for any kind of web development course
Muskan Verma
Muskan Verma
Learning at netmax institute was very much satisfied ,every student get good placement at well reputed companies.Netmax institute provides us internship for better future and experience. Here faculties who are very educated and knowledgeable and experienced. They are very helpful and understandable well communication.
Karan Bhardwaj
Karan Bhardwaj
I have done Web Development in Python and Djnago framework.. faculties are helpful and training institute in chandigarh
Aditi Sharma
Aditi Sharma
Excellent teaching and coordinating faculty


Java is a high-level, object-oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystems (now owned by Oracle Corporation). It is designed to be platform-independent, meaning that Java programs can run on any device or operating system that has a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) installed.

JDK (Java Development Kit) is a software development kit that includes tools for developing Java applications, such as compilers and debuggers. JRE (Java Runtime Environment) is a runtime environment that is needed to run Java applications. JVM (Java Virtual Machine) is an abstract computing machine that provides an environment in which Java bytecode can be executed.

Java is known for its simplicity, object-oriented nature, platform independence, security, and robustness. It has automatic memory management through garbage collection, supports multithreading, and provides a rich set of APIs for various tasks.

Checked exceptions are the exceptions that are checked at compile-time, meaning that the compiler checks whether the code handles these exceptions using try-catch or throws keyword. Unchecked exceptions, on the other hand, are not checked at compile-time and typically occur due to programming errors, such as dividing by zero or accessing an array out of bounds.

An abstract class is a class that cannot be instantiated and may contain abstract methods (methods without a body) that must be implemented by its subclasses. It can also contain concrete methods with a body. An interface, on the other hand, is a reference type in Java similar to a class but can only contain abstract methods, constants, and default methods. A class can implement multiple interfaces, but it can only inherit from one abstract class.

Exception handling in Java is a mechanism to handle runtime errors or exceptional conditions that occur during the execution of a program. It involves the use of try, catch, and finally blocks. Code that may throw an exception is placed inside the try block, and the catch block is used to handle the exception if it occurs. The finally block is optional and is used to execute cleanup code, regardless of whether an exception is thrown or not.

Access modifiers are keywords used to specify the accessibility of classes, methods, and variables. The main access modifiers in Java are:

  • public: Accessible from anywhere.
  • protected: Accessible within the same package or by subclasses.
  • default (no modifier): Accessible only within the same package.
  • private: Accessible only within the same class.

The “static” keyword in Java is used to define class-level variables and methods that belong to the class itself rather than to any specific instance of the class. Static variables are shared among all instances of the class, while static methods can be invoked without creating an instance of the class. Additionally, the “static” keyword can be used to create static initializer blocks that are executed when the class is loaded into memory.


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